Monday, November 16, 2020

Things To Know About Diesel Air Intake


If you have a vehicle that uses a diesel engine, one of the things that you need to know is that for your engine to have a long and healthy life, there should be cleanest diesel air intake habits. This intake can be draw in naturally or it can be artificially induced, in case it becomes necessary to do so. Whatever the case, the air has to be free of unwanted elements which may end up clogging things up.

For today’s thoroughly modern off-road engines, a sufficient volume of clean, filtered air on its way to the vehicle’s combustion chamber is very important.  This air is heated, and it provides a foundation for another successful combustion event during fuel injection at the right time. It could also be multiple times, since most of today’s electronic systems are very powerful and capable of easily injecting fuel 5 times for each precious firing event.

The need for clean diesel air intake was apparent with the very first engines to be used in off-road applications. The need to for this still continues up to today. Any particle that gets into your vehicle’s engine is unwanted, and it can lead to other damages once it is inside. While this to some extend depends on the  overall engine size, the old adage that says  it just takes a teaspoonful or a metric equivalent to dust the engine has never further from the truth when to comes to this scenario. What may look like small dirt or dust particles could wear out your engine sufficiently to the extent that rebuilding is required. So make sure that you keep this old adage in mind as you consider every opportunity for dirt to get into your car’s engine.

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Friday, November 13, 2020

The Benefits Of Installing Cummins Chips


Installing Cummins chips, which is referred to as chip tuning, is one of the best and niftiest ways to improve the performance of your engine. Even though manufacturers program the engine control unit  in a  manner that their motors run according to what they consider to be the best, tuners believe that the OEM engine control unit can still be improved. When chip tuning is done correctly, it can provide a lot of benefits, including the following.

First and foremost, installing Cummins chips can lead to improved power. As a matter of fact, this is the most common reason why motorists install engine chips.  By manipulating what is encoded in the engine control unit, you can modify different aspects of the engine.  The engine chips can alter air/fuel mixture, valve timing, fuel pressure as well as turbo boost. Apart from increasing horse power and torque, this modification can also affect which parts of the RPM range where the bulk of the horsepower as well as the torque will kick in.

Another thing that Cummins chips can do is improve fuel efficiency and emissions. This is another common reason why motorists decide to install engine chips.  As already noted above, modifying the mapping of the engine control unit modifies a wide range of variables in the engine’s performance. Depending on how you calibrate your engine control unit, your engine will run more efficiently across the RPM range and minimize consumption of fuel, something that can in turn lead to better fuel efficiency. ECU tuning can also improve emissions by enhancing the efficiency of fuel burning.

 As you can see, there is a lot to gain by installing Cummins chips. It is one of the most affordable modifications that you can do to your vehicle, but the benefits that you stand to gain from it are great.

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

How To Purchase A Cummins Injector Pump


When you purchase a car, its maintenance will be in your hands.  Proper maintenance of the car is very important because it determines how long you will relish the services that the car will offer.  It is important that you focus especially on the engine because it is what runs your vehicle, and any problem to this important part of your car can lead to a mechanical problem that could occurrence of an accident.

Problems with most cars start with combustion of fuels, and for this reason you need to make sure that  that you have the right Cummins injector pump  that allows air to  flow through  in order to facilitate the production of mechanical energy that is needed to move the car. At times, your vehicle’s injection pump may be damaged and may need to be replaced. You must find a reliable dealer to purchase the new injection pump from.

When you start looking for the Cummins injector pump to purchase, there are various things you should do. First of all, you should not make the mistake of purchasing the injection pump, or any other auto for that matter, without getting consent of a reputable mechanic. This is because you might end up purchasing the wrong item.

It is imperative that you evaluate your options carefully to make sure that you land the perfect deal.   With the best Cummins injector pump, you can be sure that your vehicle will serve you for many years without letting you down.

If you are not confident in picking the right injection pump for your vehicle on your own, it is imperative that you consult the specialists in your locality or online.  The specialists can help you choose an injection pump that will guarantee value for money.

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How To Choose An Auto Body Shop


While we all hope to be safe whenever we drive our vehicles on the road, car collisions are inevitable. You could be driving carefully, but a reckless driver can carelessly swerve at you and bump in your vehicle. If you have auto insurance, the insurance company will pay for the required repairs. However, you should not be quick to accept the auto body shop that the insurance company will recommend. Some body repair shops can look promising, but they can end up doing a sloppy job with the repairs.

 So how do you choose the best auto body shop? First and foremost, make sure that you research the service provider that you will choose. You can avoid a lot of mistakes if you take the time to research the auto repair company that you will choose.  Make sure that you take a look at their track record. Find out how long they have been around, if they have a solid track record, and if they have references. Poor bodywork can leave bulging parts on your which can make it look ugly.

To make your search for the right auto body shop easier, you can ask your family members, colleagues and friends for their opinion on the best body repair shop. These people could give you an indication of how well the service provider will perform the repairs. If they were impressed with the services that the auto repair shop provided, it shows that they can be trusted.

Another thing you need to do when looking for the right auto body shop is compare prices. Ask every prospective body repair shop for an estimate, compare them and then choose the one that is affordable within your means.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A Look At The Components Of A Diesel Exhaust System


The main purpose of a diesel exhaust system is to take the used up fuel-air mixture that is used by  a diesel engine in the combustion chamber and ensure that it is removed from the combustion chamber through the tailpipe. In the recent years, or decades, there have been new regulations by the government on certain components in diesel exhaust gas to cut down on the emission levels.  Because of that, the current diesel exhaust systems now treat exhaust and play an active role in cutting down the carbon footprints of the vehicles that use diesel. Additionally, a diesel exhaust fluid can be injected into the diesel exhaust system in order to reduce emissions while improving fuel efficiency.

A typical diesel exhaust system has a number of components that serve unique purposes. One of them is the catalytic converter which reduces chemical emissions with the use of chemical reactions to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and to convert hydrocarbons into water as well as carbon dioxide.  The catalytic converters that are available these days operate up to 90 percent efficiency, something that helps eliminate diesel odor and soot more efficiently.

Another important component of the diesel exhaust system is the particulate filter. The purpose of this component is similar to that of the catalytic converter in that is also helps you reduce emissions.  The particulate filters are specifically designed to get rid of any remaining soot and other visible particles that may have escaped past the catalytic converter.

There is also the muffler, whose purpose in most engines is to provide noise reduction as well as soundproofing for the engines. It reduces noise by dampening vibrations that are created by sound pressure that is emitted from the engines.

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