Thursday, March 31, 2022

How To Buy The Right Used Dodge Cummins Truck


If you are planning to buy a used Dodge Cummins, you need to know what to do to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Since you will spend a substantial amount of money on the truck, you would not want to see it go to waste just like that. The following are some of the things you should do in order to have a good purchasing experience.

During your search for the right Dodge Cummins, it would be good to work with a clear budget. Purchasing a used car comes with costs that a new car might not. For one, the insurance will be different because the vehicle is used. You also need to prepare for maintenance ahead of time. You should factor in the predicted maintenance cost when thinking about purchasing your truck.

In case the head gasket is bound to go at 140,000 miles and the Dodge Ram you have chosen is sitting at 145,000, you should be prepared for that. You need to be prepared to pay for a full service soon, just in case.

It is a good idea to use some tools to compare insurance rates. You should compare the monthly premiums from different brands, but make sure that you are getting enough coverage. Factor these prices in with the price of the used Dodge Cummins truck to know more about the cost of ownership.

You will find so many available tools online these days. You can price out your used Ram truck on various sites, and you can also price out what you expect to get for your current car. Additionally, you can learn about car loans and insurance rates.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

How To Improve Diesel Performance


If you have a diesel vehicle, you need to know what to do in order to improve its performance. Things such as keeping up with regular engine maintenance and investing in a few diesel engine mods can help improve diesel engine performance and fuel efficiency. The following are some tips help boost your diesel performance.

You can improve the performance of your diesel vehicle by upgrading the exhaust system. The exhaust system plays a very crucial role in the performance of your diesel truck. For the engine to expel a larger volume of exhaust at one time, you can consider installing an exhaust system that has a bigger capacity.  Doing this will allow the engine more horsepower, and the more horsepower you have, the more exhaust it can expel. This is a worthwhile since it helps your diesel truck achieve perfect balance.

Another way to improve your diesel performance is using DPF, DEF, and EGR Delete Kits. If your truck has a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Diesel Engine Fluid (DEF) system, and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) installed in the engine, you can benefit from one of these aftermarket delete kits. Even though each system comes with a different function and can help burn off soot and reduce exhaust emissions, they have their share of problems and can reduce mileage, performance, and even shorten your engine’s lifespan. By using delete kits, you will remove these systems from your engine to improve performance and fuel economy and reduce costly engine repairs.

Upgrade your diesel fuel injectors is also a great way to improve diesel performance. Doing this can give your diesel engine a higher range of power output and even improve fuel efficiency. There are some fuel injector mods that also claim to increase diesel engine horsepower by 50 to 100 hp with the right mechanical adjustments. They use an effective hole pattern to provide the most optimal delivery of fuel to your engine.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Tips For Buying Diesel Parts


If you are looking to buy diesel parts for the first time, it can be hard deciding which parts are suitable for your needs from the options that are available on the market. The right diesel parts can enhance your vehicle’s performance or even save you some money at the pump. The following are some tips to help you make your selection easier.

One of the things you should do when looking for the right diesel parts to buy is visit a local junkyard and look for diesel performance parts. The problem with this is that you risk being ripped off. Junkyards are rare and you may not find exactly what you are looking for, meaning that you are at a disadvantage right there.

To be on the safe side, you should visit a specialized auto shop that specializes in tuning and modifying vehicles. Not only will you find what you are looking for, but will also get excellent advice on how to go about it. The best part is that you do not have to pay a fortune.

Before you go ahead to buy any diesel parts, you need to find out if there are recalls on them. It would be in your best interest to avoid purchasing anything unless you are sure that the vendor has no recall for the part. If there are no recalls, it is pointless to purchase it either. This is the safest way to make sure that you are getting quality parts without getting anything that will not work or that is dangerous to use. Remember that diesel performance parts are supposed to make your vehicle perform better, not to make it unsafe.

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

How To Choose The Right Cummins Injectors


Buying the right Cummins injectors for your vehicle can be a challenging task if you don’t know where to start. The wrong choice of fuel injectors will have your engine running rough faster, and you also risk ruining your engine altogether if you make the wrong decision. So, before you go ahead to buy any fuel injectors, you need to understand the factors to consider.

During your search for the right Cummins injectors, you need to remember that bigger is not always better. You can easily fall into the trap of thinking that bigger fuel injectors equal more power. However, unless you have an engine that is set up to deal with the extra fuel, you will be on a fast track to trouble. The excess fuel will flood the engine making it completely unable to run, or make it run too rich. This can lead to fouled spark plugs and damage to the engine.

The good news is that there are a number of things you can do in order to increase your fuel capacity to accommodate bigger fuel injectors. The main ones include increasing the airflow (which can be done by installing a turbocharger or supercharger, or fitting a bigger throttle body), installing a bigger exhaust, fitting a bigger fuel pump, remapping the computer or adding an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

But what if you have modified the engine but the Cummins injectors are not delivering enough fuel to keep up? If you have added a turbo, a bigger exhaust, a higher flowing fuel pump, and remapped your computer, you will need bigger fuel injectors. Otherwise your car will run too lean and you will end up with situation where your vehicle is sluggish and lacking in power at best, or at worst, you will burn out the pistons and destroy the motor.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

How To Take Care Of Your 4th Gen Cummins Engine


If you have a 4th Gen Cummins engine, you need to know what to do in order to keep it in good shape. If you take good care of your Cummins engine, it will take good care of you. Cummins engines are very reliable and, with proper care and maintenance, they can maintain performance and efficiency for years. Diesel engines are designed for longevity.

One of the things you need to know how to do is service your Cummins engine. If you can service a petrol engine, you should not have no problems in working with a Cummins engine like a true diesel mechanic. The only difference between a petrol engine and diesel engine is that the latter does not have ignition components such as leads, spark plugs, and so on. The set of tasks you need to do remain the same, which include regular oil and fluid changes, air filter changes, and fuel filter changes.  For the filters, it is recommended to change them at the recommended manufacturer’s interval. You can find it on the packaging of the filter or online at the manufacturer’s website.

For your 4th Gen Cummins engine to last, you need to do preventive maintenance to anticipate wear and tear, especially with your fuel injector. If you replace a diesel injector on the verge of wearing out, it will save you money rather than waiting until it fails. The last thing you want is to learn this the hard way.

It is a bad idea to empty your engine fluids until they have had the time to cool down. Remember that diesel engines run much hotter that petrol, so empting the engine fluids carelessly can damage your engine and cause serious injury.

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Monday, February 21, 2022

1Signs That You Need Your Duramax Injectors Replaced


It is about time you replaced your Duramax injectors? These injectors are a very essential part of your car’s engine. They deliver fuel at the right time to ensure clean as well as efficient combustion. But, if you don’t maintain them properly, they can develop faults or become clogged, so you need to know how to spot the signs of a bad fuel injector and how to fix it.

Sometimes Duramax injectors can develop faults which impact on their performance or cause breakdowns. This can happen when they become clogged with debris, even though some mechanical and electrical issues can also affect the fuel injectors.

One of the common signs and symptoms associated with a faulty fuel injector is the check engine warning light, which appears on the dashboard. As soon as the fuel injector is not doing what it should (if it is adding too much or too little), this light will come on.

Even though there are a few different reasons why a check engine light can switch on, it could be down to a fuel injector. The engine control unit triggers the warning light when the fuel injector is delivering too much or too little fuel.

Another common sign that you need to have your Duramax injectors replaced is misfiring or vibrating engine. If your car misfires or there is a delay after you press the accelerator pedal, it is possible that you have a faulty fuel injector, most likely a clog or blockage in the nozzle. If the fuel injector is not able to deliver the dose of fuel called for by the engine control unit, the fuel-air mix in the combustion chamber will be off, something that can lead to misfiring or a sudden drop in acceleration. This is why it is very crucial for you to keep your car’s fuel injectors clean and free from blockages.

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Tips For Maintaining Your Dodge Cummins Engine


Knowing how to maintain your Dodge Cummins engine is very important if you would like to see it serve you for many years to come. Regular maintenance and monitoring is very crucial to keep these engines running without failure. The following are some of the things you should do to make sure that your engine doesn’t fail.

First of all, you need to make sure that your engine does not have a clogged Diesel Particular Filter (DPF). You need to know the symptoms of a clogged DPF to be able to address the problem. Common warning signs include power loss, reduced power mode, long crank and engine fault codes.

If you have a truck and start experiencing DPF clogging problems, you can turn to a few solutions for your vehicle. Replacing the DPF is one of the options, and pressure washing can also be helpful. The most important thing is to monitor power loss of you truck and get the DPF checked out if you suspect something is wrong.

Another thing you should watch out for if you want your Dodge Cummins engine to last longer is turbocharger failure. Even though this is a more common issue on earlier model Cummins engines, it can still happen at any point, since turbos naturally endure a lot of stress. A few symptoms of turbocharger problems include leaking oil seals, slow spool, worn bearings, compressor or turbine wheel damage and whining sounds.

Most of these symptoms come with the age of your turbocharger. Worn out bearings and leaking oil seals can cause many problems in your engine if left unchecked. These issues are especially prominent after reaching 120,000 miles in your truck.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How To Improve The Performance Of Your Diesel Engine


You are probably wondering how to improve diesel performance if you have a diesel engine. You need to know that your diesel engine is a high-tech system that can quickly and easily be tuned to maximize performance. Of course, you need to make sure that you regularly do diesel engine maintenance in order to keep it in top running condition. The following are some tips on how to make your diesel engine faster.

To improve diesel performance, one of the things you should consider doing is upgrade the air intake. Improve the airflow to the engine will definitely give your engine a boost. An upgraded air flow kit will allow more air to get to the engine, something that will create more power. Also, the new airflow kit will draw air from outside of the engine compartment, which will bring in colder air. Since colder air is denser and holds more oxygen, it will increase the amount of power that your engine produces. An upgraded air flow system will increase horsepower and also improve fuel economy at the same time.

Another thing you can do in order to improve the performance of your diesel engine is change or reprogram the ECM. The engine control module (ECM) is responsible for controlling engine performance by changing vital engine parameters such as the air-fuel mixture and maximum RPM. When you reprogram or replace the ECM, you will alter these setting to let the engine develop more horsepower and torque, and this will in turn improve performance.  An ECM upgrade is not only a great way of creating more power, but it is also a great way of improving diesel efficiency.

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Sunday, February 13, 2022

How to Choose a Cummins Starter


Choosing the right Cummins starter shouldn’t be so hard if you know the right steps to take. There are many starters to choose from, but the most important thing is setting up and feeding the starter what it needs to function to its full potential. This means that the electrical system, switches, battery, and cables must all be up to the task. It takes only one weak link for you to get stuck in the pits or miss your turn on the autocross.

When choosing a Cummins starter, the obvious first step is finding one that physically fits your application. You will need to determine if your Chevy block accommodates a straight mount starter or a diagonal pattern. For Ford applications, you will need to determine if the ring gear is 3/8” from the engine plate (indicating a typical manual transmission starter) or if it is closer to a 3/4” requiring a typical auto transmission unit.

You will also need to determine if you have an oil pan or an exhaust system that will affect the starter mounting position. If you are working with a confined space, a more compact gear reduction starter will be necessary.

Apart from the smaller size being a bonus, gear reduction starters (which are commonly referred to as mini starters) are generally lighter, and they provide increased torque over standard starter motors. As a matter of fact, when it comes to gear reduction starters versus the large, the conventional direct-drive starters from the ‘80s and back, there is just no reason to stick with convention, unless you are going for a 100-point restoration. You are better off with gear reduction starters because they are more efficient, they deliver more torque, and are so much lighter.

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Monday, February 7, 2022

Things To Know About The AirDog Lift Pump


The AirDog lift pump is a good upgrade to consider for your car. It can add to your vehicle’s fuel system by helping raise the level of fuel into the engine block by creating suction and managing air flow.

So what exactly does the lift pump do? If functions to raise the level of fuel or other liquid up through a given system. In vehicles, the fuel lift pump works to build pressure or suction in the gas tank, something that encourages the fuel level to rise to the injection systems and on to the engine block. Lift pumps have various applications beyond vehicles and are also used in sewage systems to pump out waste from a full sump pump.

The lift pump should not be confused with a fuel pump. A fuel pump is a mostly essential (older vehicle’s use a gravity system to force fuel into the engine) component of a vehicle’s fuel system. The early versions of fuel pumps used mechanical elements for moving fuel from the gas tank into the carburetor and then on to the engine. This worked primarily as a low pressure system. The modern fuel injection systems changed all that. They electronically create positive pressure from inside the fuel tank so as to force fuel through the system and into the engine block.

So, what are the differences between an AirDog lift pump and a fuel pump? The fuel lift pumps only help in the raising of fuel levels in a given vehicle. They don’t push fuel through the system. The modern fuel injection systems usually come with lift pumps installed with them as well, but they can function without one provided the fuel lines remain airtight, and the fuel injectors are operational.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How To Improve Fuel Mileage With Dodge Cummins Diesel


Are you wondering how to improve fuel mileage with dodge cummins diesel? Throughout the years, the Cummins diesel has evolved to include a turbo diesel in 2004 that was rated highest in its class in terms of power and reliability. Of course, more available power means that fuel efficiency must eventually become a concern. So, if you are driving a Dodge pickup with a Cummins under the hood, the following are some of the things you can do in order to actively improve your fuel mileage.

One of the things you can do is drive your Cummins-powered truck with optimum fuel mileage in mind. Keep in mind that diesels run most efficiently, and even produce the most torque, when the engine is steadily operating at a lower RPM. For this reason, when driving on the highway, you should consider using cruise control in order to limit the speed of your truck to less than 65 mph. Doing this will keep your tachometer on the low end of the scale and increase your fuel mileage.

Another thing you can do in order to improve fuel mileage with your dodge Cummins is shift early if your truck has a manual transmission, which is commonly referred to as short-shifting. Unlike gasoline-powered engines, a diesel engine is better shifted into the next highest gear long before it reaches its peak power. This is important because it keeps the truck running at a lower RPM and helps you save money at the pump. In case your truck has an automatic transmission, keep in mind that you should not gun the engine more than you absolutely must and use overdrive, if equipped.

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Monday, January 24, 2022

How To Improve The Performance Of Your Diesel Engine


If you have a diesel vehicle, it is important to know what you can do in order to improve its performance. You need to care for your diesel engine and tune it properly to be able to get the best performance out of it. The following are some of the good ways to improve diesel performance.

First of all, you can improve diesel engine performance with periodic checkups. The fuel system of a diesel vehicle requires proper care and replacement as and when needed, in most cases. The engine is usually placed at least a distance of 2 feet below or 10 feet away from the fuel system, something that is said to cause problems in the fuel injection delivery systems. If proper upgraded delivery system is fitted with the engine, your vehicle may receive increased horsepower, fuel efficiency, along with low noise as well as smooth acceleration.

Another thing you can do in order to improve diesel engine performance is replace modules. When you replace the diesel performance modules in the engine, it would provide better torque capacity of even 30% more than usual. You will also be able to get another 150 horsepower by using this technique. You will not need to re-program the circuits by installing this.

Last but not least, you need to use good exhaust systems if you want to get the most out of your diesel engine. Low noise, smooth acceleration, effective usage of fuel as well as longer life for the engine are just some of the benefits you will get from this method. Temperature and pressure may be reduced in the system if you choose the right type of exhaust pipe.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

How To Buy Diesel Parts Online


In this day and age where everything is available at the fingertips, buying diesel engine parts from online stores doesn’t seem like a big deal. You can buy model engine parts from any store with a single click. This may look easy, but in real sense it is quite challenging unless you have adequate knowledge about how to buy the right diesel parts online.

You need to choose wisely since buying a wrong or bad diesel part can turn out to be a costly affair later on. To save you from all the hassles, the following are some tips on how to buy diesel partsonline.   

One of the things you should do to make sure that you are not disappointed is ensure you choose the right online part seller. When you decide to buy anything online, one of the major decisions you will be faced with is choosing the right vendor among the available alternatives. When shopping for diesel engine parts, you can check out the vendor’s website in order to get ample knowledge about various parts.

The years of experience a part seller has as well as the online support they offer can help you choose the best seller to buy the parts for your vehicle engine. Additionally, you can read reviews about sellers, something that will make your selection even more comfortable and less daunting. It will also give you mental relief that you have chosen a seller that has a good reputation.

When buying diesel parts online, you also need to consider quality. The quality of engine parts plays a prominent role in the smooth running of your vehicle. Therefore, you should deal with a seller who sells parts that manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

How To Maintain Your 12 Valve Cummins Injectors


If you have 12 valve cummins injectors in your vehicle, you need to know the right way to maintain them so that they can be useful for many years. Fuel injectors are without doubt an important part of your car’s engine. They serve a number of purposes, including supplying, transporting, cleaning and delivering the fuel accurately to enable combustion and make power. This is why you need to clean them regularly to keep them in check. The following are some of the ways to make your fuel injectors work smoothly.

For you to get the most out of your 12 valve cummins injectors, you need to make sure that you are using   high-quality fuel. Different brands offer different blends which are formulated to reduce or prevent fuel debris that is build up in the injectors. So, instead of buying low-quality gasoline and adding additives to it, it would be good to purchase high-quality gasoline blends that have detergents which prevent the deposits.

Another thing you should do in order to get the most out of your 12 valve cummins injectors is regularly clean them. Clean fuel injectors make it possible for the engine to achieve peak execution, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Compared to low mileage vehicles, high mileage engines as well as those vehicles that are used quite frequently require regular injector cleaning. In general, fuel injectors need to be cleaned every 25,000 to 30,000 miles so that they can continue working efficiently.

When you follow these steps, you will definitely get the best service from your Cummins injectors. Also remember to replace the injectors when you start seeing symptoms that indicate that they could be faulty.

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Maintenance of 3rd Gen Cummins


If you have a vehicle that runs on a 3rd gen cummins, you need to know the right steps to make sure that you get the best service from this engine for many years. Some people tend to focus on maintaining the outside appeal of your vehicles and forget about the engine, but you need to remember that the engine is the heart of your vehicle. If it ceases working, your vehicle becomes useless.

When it comes to maintenance of your 3rd gen cummins, there are a number of things you shouldn’t do. First of all, you need to avoid mechanical over-tightening of the oil and fuel filters as it can distort the threads or damage the filter element seal. You need to install the filter as specified by the filter manufacturer.

Another thing you should do in order to get the most out of your cummins engine is wait until the coolant temperature is below 50°C (120°F) before you remove the coolant system pressure cap. If you don’t do this, you risk damaging the engine as well as causing personal injury from heated coolant spray.

Cummins B and C Series engines should need to have initial valve adjustments at 24,000 miles, then every 48,000 miles afterward. Cummins recommends that the cooling system be drained and flushed after every 2 years and refilled with a 50/50 mixture of low-silicate antifreeze and water. This provides freeze protection to -34°F. Freeze protection decreases above 68% antifreeze.

You should never use caustic cleaners in your vehicle’s cooling system. Aluminum components will be damaged. Cummins recommends that fuel filters need to be changed at least every other oil change. Fuel/water separator filters should be checked daily, any accumulated water should be drained.

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