Friday, September 11, 2020

Tips For Maintaining Cummins Injectors


When you add Cummins injectors to your vehicle, you need to know how to properly maintain them in order to get the best out of them. Knowing the problems to watch for as well as the right way to address them can help you avoid machine downtime as well as expensive equipment failures.

 So how do the Cummins injectors work? These injectors pressurize diesel fuel and pump it through a fixed or electronically controlled opening. This causes fuel to be delivered to the engine as a spray or fine mist, which is easier to ignite compared to a heavy, solid stream. The mist burns more evenly and efficiently.

If you do not maintain your Cummins injectors properly, the process becomes less effective, and it could even lead to a full engine breakdown. Among the most common issues that negatively affect diesel fuel injection systems include clogged or dirty fuel injectors and air or water into the fuel injection system.

Before the abovementioned issues are checked for and addressed, safety precautions need to be taken in order to avoid injury. It is recommended to depressurize the diesel fuel injection system before any maintenance work is done.  Since diesel fuel is under high amounts of pressure when operating, it is important to allow your engine to completely cool and depressurize the fuel injection before any type of maintenance is done.  By doing so, you will project yourself from dangerous sprays of fuel when removing the fuel filter.

 There are various signs that you can look for to know that your Cummins injectors are clogged or dirty.  Some of them include rough idling, throttle hesitation, hard starting, decreased fuel mileage, black smoke from the exhaust manifold and pinging sounds.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Things To Know About The AirDog Lift Pump


The AirDog lift pump is a very vital component in the horsepower game. Apart from making big horsepower a reality, it also adds reliability to the entire fuel system, yields improved filtration and provides infinite adjustability over fuel pressure. Nowadays, it is very rare to peer under any diesel powered pickup and fail to see a lift pump bolted to the frame rail.

So what exactly does the AirDog lift pump do? The job of this lift pump is supplying low pressure fuel from the tank to the injection pump on the vehicle’s engine. A good lift pump, whether aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer, should provide between 8 to 15 psi worth of supply pressure. From there, the injectors or injection pump, depending on the engine and injection system that the engine has, pressurize the fuel that makes its way in-cylinder between 15,000 psi and 30,000 psi.

If the injection pump is not supplied low pressure via the lift pump,  it will have an added job of pulling fuel all the way from the fuel tank, which is usually the case in Duramax applications. When there isn’t adequate diesel feeding into the low pressure side of the injection pump, its life span can reduce drastically. Continued fuel starvation can eventually damage the injection pump or even hurt the injectors.

The AirDog lift pump is very essential element when it comes to making horsepower with a diesel engine.  It provides higher flow rates and can help keep up with the demands of large injectors or modified injection pumps.  Apart from being a catalyst for making horse power, this lift pump also provides added fuel filtration, improved water separation and its supply of pressure can be adjusted.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Important Benefits Of Cummins Tuners


Buying Cummins tuners is something that you should definitely consider if you are looking to upgrade or customize your car.  Engine chip tuning is something that you have probably heard of before.  Whether the engine control unit is changed, the engine is remapped or a performance chip is added, the software change can make a huge difference in how your vehicle functions.

So how exactly can Cummins tuners help you? First and foremost, these tuners can give you a cleaner burn. There are a wide range of different technologies that need to work together so as to get the most out of your fuel, including fuel to air ratio, timing, transmission, injection  and more. The cleaner the burn, the more efficiency and power as well as less buildup you will have. While this kind of turning means that you will have to be more selective in your fuel choices, it can pay off in a big way in the long run.

 Another benefit of Cummins tuners is that they are tuned to fit your driving.  Manufacturers usually set the software to fit various conditions.  These tuners are also made to work with a wide range of fuel grades for versatility.  Unless you are going on a road trip across the country on a regular basis, you do not require that versatility. Engine chip tuning ensures that your car is specifically made to work at best in the conditions that you drive it in.

Last but not least, Cummins tuners will give you more horsepower. When the engine control unit comes from the factory, it usually has conservative software settings. While these settings help a car remain stable under a wide range of conditions, there is some power left behind. The tuners a can give your car extra power and torque.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

How To Choose An Auto Body Shop In Your Area


Are you looking for the right auto body shop to take your vehicle to for repairs? If you do, you need to know what to do in order to choose a car repair shop with professionals that will meet your needs always. The following are some of the things you can do in order to make your search easier.

Before you choose an auto body shop, it is a good idea to consult the Better Business Bureau. The BBB keeps records on most businesses and professionals and offers accreditation to those that provide the best service as well as quality work.  So before you choose any car repair shop, make sure that you check its accreditation on the BBB website. On this site, you will see if there are any past customer complaints and how the prospective car repair shop addressed them.  You will also find out about the customer service of the shop that you are considering.

 Another thing you need to do before choosing an auto body shop is know your warranty. If your vehicle is still under warranty, it would be a good idea to leave the repairs to the dealer. Auto warranties can vary, and there can be lack of clarity when it comes to who can service your car as well as the parts that can be used to repair it.  In some cases, you may not be able to select a repairs shop that is not affiliated with the dealership that you bought your vehicle from.  If you violate your warranty, your car may no longer be covered under the agreement.  If you are in doubt about your warranty details, it would be a good idea to call the dealer for more information.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

Benefits Of Installing Diesel Performance Chips/Tuners


If you are looking to upgrade your truck, one of the things that you should consider doing is installing diesel performance chips/tuners. Engine chip tuning can make huge difference in how your vehicle functions. The following are some of the things that it can do.

First of all, engine chip tuning can help you get more horsepower. When the engine control unit comes from the factory, it usually comes with conservative software settings, which includes the power settings. While these settings can help your vehicle remain stable under a variety of different conditions, it also means that there is some power left behind. Installing diesel performance chips/tuners can change the fuel to air ratio as well as timing and give your vehicle extra power and torque.

Another benefit of engine chip tuning is that it can help you get more fuel efficiency. For a long time, this technique was almost exclusively used for getting more power out of vehicles. However, this has changed in the recent past due to the emphasis on fuel efficiency and environmentalism.  With the right diesel performance chip, you will notice a substantial difference in the fuel economy of your vehicle. Even though it might be at the sacrifice of horsepower, most vehicles have a lot more power than they require for every day driving.

Last but not least, diesel performance chips/tuners are affordable upgrades. While there are plenty of upgrades that can help increase your horsepower or improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicles, most of them cost a lot to have made and require a lot of labor in order to install correctly. With engine chip tuning, you are not going to spend a lot of money. It is cheaper compared to the other options.

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