Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Signs of Dirty Cummins Injectors


When you invest in brand new cummins injectors, you need to know how to keep them clean so that they can maintain top performance. Bad or dirty fuel injectors can throw a wrench in your engine, so you want to avoid that by all means if you want to ensure your vehicle continues performing well. The following are some signs there might be something wrong with your fuel injectors.

If idling gets rough, then it possible that you are dealing with bad or dirty fuel injectors. Does your vehicle sputter and shake when you are at a stop sign or sitting in traffic? When your vehicle does this, it is not channeling a bucking bronco. Instead, it is telling you that there could be dirty fuel injectors at work.

Typically, rough idling is characterized by varying revolutions per minute, even when you have your foot off the pedal. In most cases, rough idling is accompanied by engine stalling, a sudden decrease in revolutions per minute, and engine noise that feels like running out of gas on a hill.

Bad or dirty fuel injectors are just one of the several engine problems that can result in rough idling and engine stalling. If you notice these issues in your car, you should visit a car repair shop for a complete vehicle inspection. Expert technicians will get to the bottom of the problem and recommend a fuel system cleaning if needed.

Another sign of dirty cummins injectors is if your gas mileage tanks. Well-performing injectors can help your vehicle get the kind of gas mileage that manufacturers promote. Even though a variety of engine problems can cause you to stop by your local gas station more often, lousy gas mileage is a sign that something is wrong with your fuel injectors.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

How To Buy Used Dodge Cummins


Are you looking for the right used dodge cummins to buy? There are so many things that you can use dodge cummins for. You can use them to haul wood or other materials to a worksite every day, or maybe for towing a trailer or boat every week. Whatever your reasons for buying the cummins, knowing how it lived its life can be beneficial. Going to the beach a lot can cause rust if the truck spends a lot of time exposed to saltwater, and towing every day can cause strain on parts and require replacement or repair earlier.

It is also important to know what you need the dodge cummins for. If you want a truck to drive around, then most of the trucks that you will come across on the market will do. If you need a heavy-duty truck to work hard every day, then that is a totally different story. A used dodge cummins with fewer miles might be a better pick if you need a work truck, while a smaller, lighter-duty truck will do if you are toting groceries.

It is important to remember that purchasing a used dodge cummins comes with costs that a new car might not. The insurance will be different because it is used. Also, you will need to be ready for maintenance ahead of time. You should factor in the predicted maintenance cost when thinking about buying your truck.

In the event that head gasket is bound to go at 140,000 miles and the dodge cummin you have picked out is sitting at 145,000, you should be prepared for that. You need to be ready for pay for a full service soon, just in case.

It is a good idea to use some tools to compare insurance rates. You want to compare the monthly premiums from different brands, but make sure that you are getting enough coverage.

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Monday, December 27, 2021

How To Maintain Cummins Injectors


Do you have a vehicle that uses cummins injectors? If you want these injectors to last, you need to know the right way to take care of them. Clean, well-functioning fuel injectors are very crucial when it comes to getting the most efficient performance and mileage from your diesel engine. For minor clogs and maintenance, adding a diesel fuel additive to your tank can be a great solution. But if you have more serious clogs, you may have to use a diesel fuel cleaning kit in order to clear any harmful buildup out of your fuel injectors.

Fuel additives can make your engine cleaner, but you need to know how to use them properly to be able to get good results. It is important to make sure that the engine is turned off and the fuel tank is almost empty before using the additives. Also make sure that the engine is not actively burning fuel before you put any additives in your tank. You also want to add fuel additives to a tank that is close to empty to allow the additive to travel through the fuel system at a concentration high enough to clean it.

Keep the engine off and remove the key from the ignition. Go ahead and locate and open the vehicle’s fuel tank. For most cars, there is a cap to access the fuel tank on the left or right side of the rear of the car. However, some trucks and other engines can have a fuel cap in a different location. You should look for a cap that has the symbol of a gas pump handle and then remove the cap to access the fuel tank. Chances are you may need to open a hatch in order to get to the gas cap, and some vehicles may need you to pull a lever near the driver’s seat to release the hatch.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

How To Clean Duramax Injectors


If you have duramax injectors, it is important to know the symptoms that they need cleaning for you to be able maintain them properly and get the most out of them. If your vehicle has poor performance, lousy gas mileage, or rough idling, it could be a severe case of the Mondays or, more likely, some dirty fuel injectors. Spotting the signs of dirty fuel injectors and cleaning them as quickly as possible can help you smooth out your rough ride and get back to care-free cruising.

Your car’s fuel filter, pump, and injectors are all part of an interconnected under-the-hood system. Together, they ensure your engine receives the correct mixture of fuel and air. The following is a general idea of how the whole fuel system works.

Your car’s fuel pump delivers gasoline to the fuel injector. The fuel injector injects or sprays fuel into the intake manifold at a very precise angle. Within the intake manifold, air and fuel mix. This mixture is then compressed in the combustion chamber, igniting the chemical reaction required to power your engine.

Now that you know the complicated dance that goes on in your fuel injection system, it is easy to see how bad or dirty fuel injectors can throw a wrench in your engine. One sign that there might be something wrong with your fuel injectors is engine misfires.  If you have dirty duramax injectors, they can cause your vehicle’s engine to misfire. This problem can make the motor feel as though it is sputtering - sending vibrations through the car. This can happen when a fuel injector problem mixes up the delicate balance between fuel and air entering the engine. So make sure that you clean your fuel injectors regularly to avoid this.

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Common Problems With Dodge Cummins


If you have a dodge cummins engine, you need to know how to keep it reliable in order to get the most out of it. Over the years, dodge cummins engines have proven themselves to be powerful and reliable. Starting at 3.7 and going up to 8.3 liters, these engines are known to be some of the best light truck diesel engines in existence. But, just any system in your truck, regular maintenance as well as monitoring is required to keep these engines running.

Problems with dodge cummins engines usually relate to emissions parts. There are a few common issues that can arise with these engines, such as clogged DPF, turbocharger issues/failure and fuel dilution.

Clogging in the diesel particulate filter is a typical problem for this type of engine in a dodge truck. Diesel exhaust fluid is helpful when it comes to keeping the DPF clear. However, without it, a cummins engine must run richer in order to reduce emissions. This results in more particulates which clogs the DPF.

With increased mileage, DPF clogging becomes more common in cummins engines. This can end up becoming detrimental for a turbo diesel engine, since clogging can cause a buildup of back-pressure that may lead to more stress on the engine.

You need to know the symptoms of a clogged DPF so as to address the problem. Common warning signs include long crank, power loss, reduced power mode and engine fault codes.

If you ate truck owner and experience DPF clogging problems, you can turn to a few solutions for your vehicle. Replacing the DPF is an option, and pressure washing can be helpful as well. The most important thing is to monitor the power loss of your truck and get the DPF checked out if you suspect something is wrong.

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