Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Look At The Benefits Of The Cummins Block Heater


The Cummins block heater can be of great help if you drive during winter months. You can plug it into your vehicle’s engine to ensure that it starts. But when exactly is the right time to use this block heater?

It is most likely that you need to drive during winter months in order to get to your job, get groceries for your family or get your kids to school.  While driving in mild winter weather is not too bad, driving in extreme winter conditions can be hard on your car’s engine. Just like us human beings, car engines do not like the extreme cold.  They work well when the weather is warmer.  Since we cannot change the temperatures, we can make it so that our engine stay warm, thanks to engine block heaters.

While there are some vehicles that come with engine block heaters to ensure that the engine can be kept nice and warm even during the cold winter months, most do not some with the block heaters.  If yours does not have a block heater, you cannot go wrong with the Cummins block heater.

So what exactly does the block heater do? When you start your engine, the oil moves through the engine block to lubricate all of the different moving parts. When it becomes extremely cold outside, -20 degrees Celsius or lower, the oil thickens up and starts to get gooey. As a result, it becomes harder for the oil to move through the engine, something that causes the engine to work harder, use more gas, and produce emissions. When you install the Cummins block heater, it will keep the engine block at an ideal temperature so that the oil can remain thin and easily move through the engine block.

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